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Youtube Beginnings!

Hi guyssss! *Phew* Okay... .after much reluctance, hesitation and what not, I finally gave in and consented for a YouTube channel with the sister dearest OR you can say it's more or less reverse. We both were equally skeptical. And man, I literally had to hop out of my comfort zone to do this. I have never been this transparent, you…read more

The Skin18 Series – Part 4

Hola!!! Here's Zoi bringing you the fourth and the last installment to the Skin18 series. Let's get started ^_^. Luke Hydrogel Eye Patch for Eye Puffiness (in Purple) was the fourth product out of the three sent to me. Product Characteristics: * Help reduce eye puffiness and tightening skin under eyes * Refreshing & Moisturizing * Visible Anti-wrinkle Effect &…read more

Sneak Peek – Review

Hey beautylilies, I so damn wanted to come up with an Eid post, but to my utmost disappointment, my photographer cousin apparently has misplaced my pictures :( (I am going to kill him for this). Anyhoo, while I am trying my level best to get the pictures back, I thought I'll give you a sneak peek of my next post…read more

Summer DIY!

Summer is that kingdom, of which Karachi is the king! And I was a happy commoner residing within it until the  King declared war with its own people, defying the love and loyalty we have always had to offer. :( My slogan: Beat the Heat! Their slogan: Heat shall prevail! During the face-off on the battle ground, they started shooting their…read more

Food For Your Face – Review

The town's ablaze with firefly!!!! The firefly girl is doing wonders!!!! The girl who was enthralling all of us with her quirky and creative spark is on the road of making it big in the arena of beauty. Yes you heard it right! "Food For Your Face" is a venture by the Firefly girl Varah Musavvir which aims to cater girls and…read more