Quick OOTD

Hi guys! Been MIA since long, I missed blogginggg <3 Anyhoo, here I am with a ramble, yeah ramble would be the right word. ^_^ Post Eid-ul-Adha, it's been jam-packed days as I was loaded with family and friends gatherings. It's been a binging month. The BBQs, Biryanis. Pulaos and other desi galore. The browns know the drill. Here, have a…read more

Flight 7500

High-low-high! This is what me and my cousin had been throughout this movie, "Flight 7500". It was the weekend and my cousin came to spend it with me. We had some errand, but luck wasn't in our favour and we were much to our disappointment unable to make it. Anyhoo, everything happens for a reason, so if something does not happen…read more