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Youtube Beginnings!

Hi guyssss! *Phew* Okay... .after much reluctance, hesitation and what not, I finally gave in and consented for a YouTube channel with the sister dearest OR you can say it's more or less reverse. We both were equally skeptical. And man, I literally had to hop out of my comfort zone to do this. I have never been this transparent, you…read more
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Essence Liquid Lipstick Peach Party -Review

Hola!!! They say, "Give a woman the right lipstick and she can conquer the world". Does Essence Liquid Lipstick in the shade Peach Party live up to this popular quote? Read to find out! ;) Product Claim/Description: Liquid love! This new formula combines the best of both lipstick and lip gloss. Get the impact and coverage of a lipstick with…read more

The Skin18 Series – Part 4

Hola!!! Here's Zoi bringing you the fourth and the last installment to the Skin18 series. Let's get started ^_^. Luke Hydrogel Eye Patch for Eye Puffiness (in Purple) was the fourth product out of the three sent to me. Product Characteristics: * Help reduce eye puffiness and tightening skin under eyes * Refreshing & Moisturizing * Visible Anti-wrinkle Effect &…read more

The Skin18 Series – Part 3

I love pandas! I even daydream about having one as my pet :D Just can't get enough of their adorableness... . But oh well, since it's not meant to be, I pacify myself with this panda looking sheet mask ^_^ Without any further delay folks, let's dive into the post... . L'affair Animal Whitening Panda Mask is the 3rd of the…read more