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Rimmel London Wake Me Up Wonder’full Mascara – Review

Assalaam-u-Alaikum beautylillies <3 So here comes a review post after quite long; I believe :D Mascara! My absolute favourite cosmetic amongst all and today I hereby proclaim my love for the "Rimmel London Wake Me Up Wonder'full" mascara. Want to know why? Let's get to the review-reading ride!!!! Rimmel's idea of coordinating its packaging with that of its ingredient,i.e., cucumber is…read more

Wishlist 2016 – Part 2

Hello lovelies, Let's just dive directly into the post. Today, I shall discuss my discovery "Lashem" with you all! So what is it and why am I sharing with you all. Well, here you go: The Lashem is a cosmetic brand which aims to cater to women in the most natural way possible. It caught my eye for the fact that…read more

DIY: Hair Mask

We might not seem compatible, but when it comes to hair game, we make the best team. This is me , Mr. Egg and this is my pal Mr. Yogurt and together we can help you achieve your hair goals ;)     Let's get on with it. Alongside me and my friend yogurt, all you need is your favourite hair oil, be it coconut,…read more
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Golden Rose Satin Smoothing Fluid Foundation – Review

Assalaam-u-Alaikum lovelies! (Peace be upon you) Before I dive into the review, I'd love to know the foundations you all have been using and loving lately. Share it in the comments section below :) ...And here I present you the "Golden Rose Satin Smoothing Fluid Foundation." The Golden Rose is one brand I have been familiar with since forever as my…read more

It’s All About Almond Oil!

Hey everyone, All these years, I have been on the run for that perfect moisturizer that gets my skin smooth and non-flaking. I have a skin that gets super oily in summer and super dry in winters; it gets dry to such an extent that it starts to come off as flakes and gives that tacky eek if I apply anything…read more

The Toothpaste Wonder

Hello everyone, A big virtual hug to y'all!!! It's been a bumpy week for me. My dear aunt's wedding is just around the corner and here I got myself into the trap of zits! :( I had gotten one on my left cheek and one on my chin *yikes*! And that's when the toothpaste wonder happen. Yes, you heard it…read more

An All-rounder- Review Post

January 12th! Woah, it took so long to get back here.. *Phew* It's been a tough, tough tough week!!! Studies, my aunt's urgent wedding preparations, exam results, and and and January is Birth-uary for me:D I have a bunch of birthdays of family and friends in this month. So yes, it is frenzy here in my life, at my home…read more