Not So Chocolaty Chocolate Festival

What comes in your mind when you hear “Chocolate Festival”. I can bet that you must have visualised a grand chocolate haven, an out of this world array of chocolates; some Swiss choco galore or paradise diversing Belgian chocolates. At least I did, and it hurts as I can not make out whether my imagination streak is at fault or the Chocolate Festival organisers.

Well, the chocolate Festival organised at the eminent Port Grand turned out to be a nightmare for us. I FOR ONE GOT THE SHOCK OF MY LIFE.
Setting up a table with Nutella jars on doesn’t make it a choco fest. Why would I commute all the way to Port Grand for some Nutella popped up in gol gappay when I can go to my nearest mart and unapologetically dive in to tons of Nutella jars. And hey, Nutella gol gappay? Are you kidding me?
Yeh golgappay and Nutella Dono ke saath ziyadti hai!

You realise that it was a total fail when you enter Bombay choco and nuts at Muhammad Ali Society on your way back home and see that it has a greater variety of chocolates to offer whilst something named as Chocolate Festival had nothing new at disposal but mediocrity. Regular cupcakes, chocolate fountain, waffle, bunkababs with chocolate inside in name of a festival was pretty disappointing.

Mini Cakes from Craving Cakes

Much to our dismay, there was nothing extraordinary about the cookie we tried from the Karamel or the cake from the Craving Cakes. The cookie seemed to be like your regular cookie and I think Pie in the Sky within my vicinity does a pretty good job. The cake tasted too bland and missed the sweetness a cake ought to have. Sigh!

Through this, I with all due respect, would like to draw Port Grand’s attention to their massive gimmick. They should take the responsibility for literally playing with the feelings of chocoholics out there in Karachi.

And oh yeah, we sought refuge in Aloo miyan at OPTP because chocolate was apparently short at the Chocolate Festival, yes guys you read it right, FESTIVAL!

Till the next time,


Love and Glitters <3

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