How I Improved My Skin In Just 2 Weeks

I am a big time makeup lover. I simply love the smell of foundations, lipsticks, eyeshadows, blushes… the mere sight of makeup excites me *lol*

Ok but no matter how high quality makeup a girl uses, she has to go through the torturing process of cleansing and I am not an exception to it. Prolonged use of makeup or not removing makeup properly can play havoc on your skin. And which is exactly what happened with me.

Not that I am not into cleansing or proper makeup removal, but then again if makeup is made of different chemicals so are the cleansers and skin care products available in the market.

So even after using cleansers, scrubs, masks and what not to properly clean my skin I was experiencing huge pores, dry patches and pigmentation. As a makeup artist I always tell my clients that if your skin is not good from inside, no amount of foundation and highlighter can make you feel beautiful! YES FEEL beautiful. You can surely LOOK beautiful under all that tons of makeup but deep inside you know that as soon as you are going to wash it off  you are not going to recognize yourself.

And this was the exact case with me. I flaunted flawless skin with all those pricey foundations and concealers and highlighters and bronzer and…. but my actual skin condition was killing me.

I am that kinda girl who procrastinates and procrastinates and procrastinates and then get this one kick out of something and woahhh!!! gets on the right track.

So this time Food For Your Face by Firefly became the kick which pushed me to start off with my new skin care regime that I have been planning for soo long!


So on 11th of February I got my hands my these heavenly smelling facial goodies namely

  • Crange Maker – touch of cranberries and orange
  • Magical Mulberry – lovely floral and fruit infused 

From the “The Crazy Cleanser” range

  •  From Cleo with Love (tuberose) 
  •  A Tangerine Affair (citrus pomegranate)  

From the “The Fixer Upper Face Packs” range.

Since they came in plastic pouches I decided to store them in empty jam and pickle jars and use the label to decorate/mark the different flavours.

This fruit jam lid looks like as if made specially for this label

My skin has a mood of its own. Sometimes is dry, scaly and pigmented and sometimes its oily, messy and pigmented!

I loooove citrus (the reason I got this cutie little sample of tangerine affair, since it was out of stock). So the first one I tried was Crange Maker followed by A Tangerine affair mask. It did leave my skin clean, but I don’t know why it gave me this itchy feeling around my cheeks and nose areas.

I later tried Crange Maker again, but with rose water and a few drops of almond oil, but the same result clean skin with a little itchiness. However, on both tries the itching subsided in 10 – 15 min without leaving any redness, spot or whatsoever.

On the other hand Magical Mulberry became my best friend. It has this really sweet, fruity and soothing scent and it leaves my skin clean, soft and shining!

From Cleo with Love is indeed made with a lot of love. The magical powder with refreshing floral scent is good to use as a face pack and scrub both. It worked well with the oily parts of my face like nose, forehead basically the T-zone, but is a bit drying for the rest of the face.

Although the face upper packs are made to be used as scrubs or face packs as the name says, but in my opinion these cleansers can also be used as a scrub. I am a firm believer of exfoliation and I didn’t feel the need of scrub after using the cleansers because you can customize it consistency. Add more water if you want a smooth paste to work as a cleanser and lessen the water if you want to have a mild scrub .

Also for my own little experiments I used the cleanser as a face mask too and got some good results and last but the not the least I added a spoonful of the  From Cleo with Love Upper Face Pack in my DIY body scrub which left my skin smooth, clean and smelling of tuberoses

So for me this one product is working 3 ways and it is ACTUALLY helping me improve my skin.

If you want to get your hands on these amazing products, quickly head over to Food For Your Face by Firefly

Until Next Time,

Love and Glitters

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  1. Varah says:

    Thank you for sharing you review Faiza ?
    The idea of Cleo is to tame oil, hence the drying on other parts of the skin.
    The Crange Maker, it generally shouldn’t itch unless it’s working to fight something within your skin. Alhamdulillah no redness. The composition for it is the same for mulberry unless the cranberry doesn’t suit you. You enjoyed tangerine affair which means citrus and pomegranate works for you.
    Also, the face packs are intended to be used as masks OR scrubs ?

    Thank you for taking out time to try us. I’m very happy to see you glowing and going for the no make up look. That’s the idea to #getyourglowon

    May you always look and feel beautiful. ? ?

  2. […] Now come the face packs/masks. Well… . My sister grabbed the “Tangerine Affair” before I could get my hands on it so yeah I suggest you guys take a look at her blog to know her experience with it and also her take on the other products HERE. […]

  3. Soha says:

    Hey, where to get all of these from?

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