Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream Review

Tinted moisturizers, BB, CC and DD creams have really captured the beauty market. For those who are not very much into foundations or look for light weight alternatives often find themselves reaching out for these.
I have a combination skin which really has a mood of its own. Sometimes I am very oily and sometimes my face appears very dry and patchy. I also have pigmentation around my mouth so I decided to try this CC cream from Bourjois.
CC stands for color correction and packaging said that the product is oil free yet made to hydrate the skin so therefor I thought that this might be an answer to my problematic skin.
Did it really worked on me? Keeping reading for to get the answer to this.


The product says:
123 Perfect
CC Cream
3 Pigments
Color Correction
Apricot Anti-Fatigue
Green Anti redness
White Anti Dark Spots

Luminous Complexion & Smooth Skin
24 hrs hydration
SPF 15

What I say?

Well I bought this is in December and it was quite cold and dry at that time. I first tried it on a clean face without any moisturizer and it really did not blend that well. It did cover up some of the pigmentation around my mouth and a few red spots around my nose but all the same time it made my skin appear dry. I used it with some moisturizer and it work a little more well that way. I also mixed it up with my foundation, which gave a very good result in terms of hiding blemishes and pigmentation but felt a little bit heavy on my face.
Now as the spring/summer in around the corner and we already have a few hot days, the product is somewhat not working out for me. I used it in the daytime and my skin really felt oily and heavy. It’s working ok in the evening/night time but even then I would not recommend it to anyone having oily skin.
The product has a liquid consistency and is best applied using fingers. I tried applying it with a foundation brush but the product dries out very quickly hence one need to be very fast while applying it or it will not blend well. I suggest using fingers to blend it since the natural warmth of finger will help the product to melt and evenly blend on face.
Also the color despite being “Bronze” is a little light for me.

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The product is good for all types of skin in winter, in summer I would recommend it to people with dry and combination skin. It does help to minimize the redness and dark spots but don’t expect it to completely conceal anything.

Product Color Range: Ivory, Light beige, Rose beige, Bronze
Price: I am sorry I forgot the price but it was somewhere between Rs 1200 – Rs 1300
Availability: Its available at all Scentsation stores and at Imtiaz Super store.

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