I end up begging for a dog's forgiveness.


I have read so many books and I have met more  people in books than in person .

When I finish a book, it takes sometime for me to come out of it and separate  myself from its characters . I long to meet those characters. I wish I could sit with them, talk to them or at-least see them for once. Fiction or non-fiction.

The latest book I have finished reading is “My Feudal Lord” by Tehmina Durrani. But I don’t seem to recall much of it. Because this one page has blurred everything else from the book.


I started reading ,thinking of it as a juicy political novel but as the story advanced I found this book really disturbing.

This book really made me think of the sorry state we are living in as a nation. The book was published in 1991 , the year I was born. And even after 23 years not much has changed. The story is still valid and I am sure someone else is living it now.

This page is a bitter example of how power can alter a person, his lifestyle and the life of people around him.

Power and fear lives together.There are many examples to this. There is this power a man have on his woman and he fears her rebellion. Then there is a power a woman has on her household, while in heart she is afraid of losing all she have to another woman. Then there is power, a man has as a ruler and while he should be afraid of losing his respect in front of his people, the biggest fear he knows is of losing power. But nonetheless there is fear. And this strange combination of power and fear forces a man to do unspeakable things.

Animals to me are the most beautiful creation of God and human`the best of Allah’s creation as Allah said in Holy Quran in Surah Teen verse 4

“We have certainly created man in the best of stature;”

Yet the human chose to make these innocent little creature suffer the worst of pain, agony and trauma sometimes to fulfill their needs , sometimes for pleasure and sometimes to prove their superiority. I have seen people mistreating their watch dogs, their donkeys horses etc I have seen people enjoys circus where monkeys, bears, elephants, dolphins, walrus and lions, the king of jungles are tortured, trained and forced to live in conditions totally against their nature merely for human amusement.

This incident narrated in this book made me suffocate. For some time I was stunned. My mind refuse to work. As the proud parent of 3 adorable cats (yes you read it correctly they are my babies) , this passage shook me from inside.

There were several incident , in the book where human were subjected to disgrace, torture and humiliation, but I believe , we human mostly suffer when we choose to or if punished by karma whose example you will find in this story from time to time. But these animals who unfortunately are given claws and teeth but no tongue they are coerced to submission and endure pain inflicted on the for the reasons far from their understanding.

I don’t know what else to say. I am just totally appalled by this story.

Not the woman who wrote this story was a saint. She made here own mistakes committed her fair share of sins but again the man is a pure product of our dirty feudal system where the might is right.

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  1. mahagha says:

    Interesting take, enjoyed reading it!

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