The slow torture.

I woke up to the darkness surrounding me, sweating heavily. There was eerie silence, the air was hot and humid. I gulped for air and blinked my eyes several times to adjust to the darkness. “Where was I?” I thought.
And then a mosquito bit me and brought me to my senses.

Huh! Power break down. I fumbled around to find my phone. Damn! Its was 2:00 am.
For 15 min I lay there trying to find one thing that I have done to suffer this non stop torture from our beloved KElectric and then decided on to ask them the question. I dialed 118 and waited for the familiar voice of “Asalam u alikum. KE call center mein khushamdeed” my foot!
I hit the required numbers to reach the customer call center. And the ordeal began
Asalam u Alikum Kelectric call centre how may I help you? The Representative asked.
Go rot in hell I thought to my self “ Walikum salam I am calling from [area], we are facing a power break down”
Alright madam let me check your details
Are you billed under [this name]?
Yes I replied curtly.
And then he repeated my address, my two registered numbers, my email addresses and wasted 5 minutes . Like c’mon, when my number is registered and you are getting all of my information on your screen whats the point of confirming each and everything. Ok I agree verification is necessary but while verifying one is suppose to ask questions from the caller not inform him of all the details. Anybody who will call KE from my mobile will get information of my complete address, my family’s contact no and my email address. Thanks to the most idiotic verification process by KE.
After wasting my almost 10 minutes he innocently informed me that my area is facing a feeder trip.
God! How many time in my life will I have to listen to this same lame excuse!!!
I know that was rude of me but I slammed the phone shut without even listening to what he said next.
But this is not it.
The light came within half an hour and at 4 it was gone again
Why? This is again a painful story..
There is a small area constituting a few lanes, where my house is situated, is facing a constant issue of PMT tripping. Why because KE representative has given hooks on fixed amount to small vendors around the area. Plus there is a new society building at the back of my area which still has not gotten there PMT and meters. KE has given the connection from our PMT on fixed monthly bills to them . This all brings so much load to our little PMT which is not even adequate for our area and this results in constant tripping of it. In the past 2 weeks even wires have broken down due the excessive load.
This usually happen right after the electricity is restored after load shedding. The PMT is not able to handle the sudden load of electricity and trips.
I have emailed CEO ,CDO and MD of KElectric, I have emailed customer support and reported electricity theft at speak up service , I have been reporting the issue on twitter constantly to them, my husband went to the customer care centre of our area. We even provided them the pictures as proves but no response!
What else can we do?
And to add to this. We also face 8 hours power outage due to low recovery.

I am star customer with bills having a shining star on it, showing my punctuality in payment. Yet I suffer.

If you are failing to recover the bills and keeping check on hooks and electricity theft why are you punishing your loyal customers.
I ran a search on twitter and found that I am not alone in this. Whole of the city is suffering yet KE choose to neglect its customers.

To one of my tweets I did regarding this issue the KE replied to me with this

My question is how long will this take?  According this article , this was launched an year ago . Where is this pilot phase going on and when are we going to see the results?

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