Book Review: Keeping Faith~Do you believe in miracles?

This is the second novel I read by Jodi Picoult. To be honest I am not a very big fan of the first one I read, but still because of so many recommendations I got for her books I decided to give it another try and this time her book did not fail to amaze me.

From the very first page to last I was hooked to each and every word of it. Its such an amazing story, very well written and thought provoking.
Jodi Picoult mostly writes on the problems of children and teenagers. This one is also about a child of 7 years old named “Faith”  going through parents divorce and how her mother deals with her falling marriage and Faith’s hallucinations.


From the back cover of the book
Keeping Faith is a story about love, trust, betrayal, survival, courage, strength and weakness. It’s a story of a wife, an ex-husband, their daughter and so many people around them playing twisted roles in their already shattered and scattered lives.
Sometimes it’s so difficult not to be vulnerable. Sometimes we let ourselves to be too dependent on someone that they start controlling our life. We unconsciously allow them to give or take things from our lives.
 “Mariah White” mother of Faith, is in constant struggle to regain her self-confidence, which was extremely damaged by her husband.
In the midst of all this her only child starts talking to God, which results in even more chaos in her life than there already were.
From finding her husband with another women, taking care of her daughter, finding herself in the spotlight of national TV, fighting for her child’s custody to finding love again, it a story which will keep turning pages till the end.
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Keep Experimenting!

Faiza K

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