Of dreams, fantasies and wedding bells

Being a bride was a wonderful, exhilarating and exotic feeling. I will never forget the days I spent in endless shopping, wedding preparations and daydreaming about my upcoming life. The wedding day was just like wow…like one of a kind experience…like a chance to be the queen of the world (for a day :P) … the heavily embellished , long, luxurious dress in the traditional hues of red and green, the beautiful and extravagant pieces of jewelry (that I would have never worn under normal circumstances), movie, camera flashes, the lush green wedding hall covered in golden canopy and maroon and gold flowing curtains., decorated with rows and rows of yellow small lights and the never ending arrival of guest. .The ride to my in laws place, the first step that I put in my sasural (in-laws) and all those kheer chatai, darwaza rukai  rasams (rituals) It was nothing less than a dream from a fairytale come true.
And I guess this is a dream that every girl in this world see, and waits for. And once the day comes to her life she never forgets it …ever.
I am still a bride, off course a couple of months old now, but the picture has changed a lot. I am no more that starry eyed, blushing and giggling one anymore. I have set foot in the world full of lovely moments, harsh realities, real problems and practical solutions. I am no more a bride-to-be whose motto was “my way or highway” but a lot more patient, understanding and comprising bride that has other responsibilities other than makeup, fashion and hang outs!
Yes life takes a sharp u-turn when one gets married. Here I am not at all trying to give a negative impact. Marriage does bring a huge, and extreme change in life. But trust me its surely adds more love, care, sensibility, and thrill to life. Its add meanings and aims to a life that was once based on only fantasies, gossips and fashion. It gives you an understanding of relationships and their significance.
Marriage polishes you managing and leadership skills, enhances your speaking power, gives you a lot of patience, teaches you how to prioritize and put others in front of you. In short it shows you what actually life is all about!
And so this is what marriage has done to me!
Would like to see the comments of the married ones and the soon-to-be married ones on the topic!
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